SYRIA: US Caught between Iraq and a Hard Spot

I’ve incorporated a new phrase into my sparse Arabic vocabulary: Ana aasfe. I’m sorry. Seems I’m apologizing a lot of late to Lebanese who (usually loudly and forcefully) insist the Syrian civil war is the US’s fault. “Obama is a murderer!” bellowed one Lebanese friend. “This is all the fault of the US!” a local […] Read more »

LEBANON: Of Sons & Sunflowers

We stand in the shadow of the mosque, the muezzin crying out his forlorn afternoon prayers as if he were searching for a lost place. I survey the neat rows of tents planted on the dusty parking lot and wonder how to tell the story of these Syrian refugees. The numbers are overwhelming. The stories […] Read more »

SYRIA: Congratulations, Samer Laham!

Tomorrow, Greek Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter. I follow this because my trip to Damascus in 2008 was at the invitation of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and does blue cross cover cialis All the East, specifically a dynamo of a man viagra effectiveness over time named Samer Laham. Samer was just named Humanitarian of […] Read more »