ISRAEL & PALESTINE: Signs of the (Wrong) Time

A college student is touched by a canada pharmacy online cialis vandalized park sign that had described the 1967 expulsion of Palestinians from their homes. photo by Kelly Hayes-Raitt[/caption]I joined the Jewish college students on a tour through 3 Palestinian villages the Israeli Army invaded and destroyed in 1967. More than 7,000 Palestinians fled Amuas, […] Read more »

ISRAEL & PALESTINE: Smuggling Democracy

I smuggled in Jimmy Carter’s book. I wasn’t sure what scrutiny I might be under coming into Israel, and I didn’t want to chance being denied entry, so I hid the book, hoping it would elude any searches. When I mentioned this to a Jew, Is now mostly. Is turquoise get tame tried for […] Read more »


In nature, there are four universally recognized physical forces of interaction: gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear interaction and weak nuclear interaction. So, which of these forces best describes Neve Shalom~Wahat al-Salam, the award-winning village of 25 Jewish and 25 Palestinian families who have forged a bicultural community in this violently divided nation? Meaning “Oasis of Peace” […] Read more »

Flipping Perceptions on My Way to PALESTINE & ISRAEL

“How the world sees you depends on how you see the world,” begins a provocative ad campaign gracing London’s Heathrow Airport’s walls. Several sets does generic viagra work of 4 posters juxtapose 2 similar images and 2 single-word taglines. For example, a photo of a celebrity fending off paparazzi, palms out, hands covering face, has […] Read more »