Foiled By Technology!

I was hoping to do my first interview this morning to post for you subscribers. Abdullah and I scheduled

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after work, his time. He’d be at one of the hotels where he gardens because he has no internet access at his home. Rats! The internet at the hotel was down. We were able to text each other via Skype at my end and his mobile phone (I think) at his. We rescheduled our interview for tomorrow, insh’allah. An unexpected challenge to this trip for me has been to learn — and learn quickly — all the different gadgetry I’ll have with me, including new software: Getting blog posting to be second nature, figuring out how to upload photos and tweeting and reposting them to Facebook, nailing

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the donor software so I can troubleshoot, learning a new FlipCam, teaching myself video editing in iMovie…Whew! And I haven’t even started with the new smart phone! Quite the learning curve for an old Luddite like me. But how incredible is this: I can shoot video on my FlipCam, plug the Cam into my laptop where the video downloads automatically, then opens in iMovie where I can

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edit and immediately upload it to CNN! Yes, there’s a drop-down menu to upload directly to CNN! Here’s to citizen journalism!