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  1. Regina Adraoui says:

    Dear Kelly,

    This is the first time I am using your blog to communicate.
    Hope this gets to you.
    Sorry for delay.
    As I mentioned, I have been somewhat incapacitated due to 3 weeks of “back attacks”.
    I am still a bit rusty but here.
    Are you physically safe today?

    So many of us assume peace (in all of its aspects) is a given-on-demand.
    Something we are owed because we have lived life ‘correctly’.
    As though 1+1=2.
    It is a gift which we can not get through asking, through demanding or through easy effort.
    And without it, life-safety-happiness are all surreal realities.
    Without it, nothing much works.

    Thank you for reminding me of this by allowing me to experience your present reality.
    Let me know how your world is rocking and rolling when you have a minute.
    Sending love, thoughts, safe-wishes, inspiration, blessings to you … Regina

    • Hi, Regina, I’m so sorry about your back! I have received your emails, and I apologize for not being more responsive. It’s been overwhelming — and between power outages and internet hiccups (which can last days) here in Beirut, I’ve gotten quite behind. Please accept my apology!

      Thanks for your thoughts and wishes — and for taking the time to write when I know it’s so physically painful for you to sit and type. I’ll write more, I promise!

      Love, Kelly